Public Works and Engineering

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About Us and What We Do

All year round, no matter the day or time, rain, snow or sunshine, our Public Works and Engineering team is working for you! When you drive on local streets, turn on your faucet, flush your toilet and dispose of your garbage and recycling, our PW&E team had a role in delivering that service. 

In fact, 82 full and part-time employees are working everyday to maintain 188 miles of storm sewer, 169 miles of sanitary and combined sewer, 233 miles of water mains, 152 miles of streets, 285 miles of sidewalks, 7 traffic signals and 803 street lights. We're also working behind the scenes to plan and improve our infrastructure for safety, effectiveness and sustainability.

We can't do it alone! 

The City works with a team of partners at the federal, state and local levels, along with utilities and private engineering firms, and YOU, the public. Major capital investments require public input. To learn about those opportunities, be sure to connect with us on social media and sign up for the City's E-News. 

If you have a question, concern or request, please connect with us using the resources below. 

Connect with PW&E

DP311 Citizen Request Portal - Submit a service request or report a concern. 

Public Works - Call 847-391-5464 or email for inquires related to water, sewer, trash, local street maintenance

Engineering - Call 847-391-5390 or email for inquires related to road construction and infrastructure planning.