Thanks for your interest in the City of Des Plaines! Whether you're looking for job opportunity with the City, considering a position with us, or you're already a member of our awesome team, Human Resources is here to support you and answer your questions. HR Image 600x300

About Our Organization 

  • Manager form of government; elected city council made up of a mayor and eight aldermen 
  • A highly respect and professional city manager with 30+ years local government experience (and the City's longest-serving manager)
  • 8 departments/divisions with a strong leadership team who are award-winning experts in their fields and bring extensive experience and value
  • A diverse workforce of 300+ employees committed to public service and a strong desire to help people and make a difference in our community
  • Competitive, market-driven salaries near the midpoint of comparable communities and a generous benefits package, IMRF pension, post-retirement health savings plan and deferred compensation plans for full-time employees; the City considers market studies, cost of living, employee performance, and union contract obligations to determine the City's compensation and benefits package
  • Balanced and stable budget that maintains long-term financial strength and stability; the City is a leader in government finance, demonstrated by its consistent awards for excellence in finance management and reporting. 

Join Our Team!

The City offers a wide variety of job opportunities from public safety and public works to customer service, finance, engineering, planning, administration and so much more. And, we all have one thing in common - a shared mission and commitment to deliver reliable, responsive, effective and efficient public services.

Check out our Hiring Process page to learn about how to join Team Des Plaines. 

Meet the HR Staff:

Becky Madison Director

Becky Madison Headshot 2023

Contact regarding any HR related questions (benefits, recruitment, FMLA, payroll changes, demographic information, etc.)



Margie Ziegler Benefits Mgr.

Margie Ziegler Headshot 2023

Primary contact for benefit and retirement benefit questions, onboarding, payroll and employee information changes.



Maria Nagani   HR Generalist

Maria Nagani Headshot 2023

Primary contact for recruitment, accounts payable and general HR questions.



Sarah Gianni Mgmt. Analyst

Sarah Gianni Headshot 2023

Primary contact for risk, workers’ compensation, FMLA and light duty approvals.