Finance Department

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Our Commitment 

The City is committed to maintaining long-term financial stability through the highest principles of governmental budgeting. This is achieved through sound financial planning and a focus on optimizing resources and maximizing efficiencies. Over the past several years, there have been minimal tax increases to residents and our annual budgets continue to keep City services affordable to the taxpayers.

Additionally, the City is committed to transparency and making materials informative and understandable to the public. Each year, the City’s budget team continues to improve the budget document to effectively communicate budget information to help taxpayers understand how their City government is funded, how their tax dollars are supporting vital services, as well as the City’s Strategic Goals and spending priorities.

Department Overview

The Finance Department is responsible for: revenue collection, utility billing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and purchasing. Other functions include: customer service, parking permit administration, real estate transfer tax processing, cash management and maintaining the City’s capital and financial assets and investments. The Finance team manages the City’s annual budget process, various annual audits, issuance of debt as well as appropriation and tax levy ordinances. 



  • Finance

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