Schools in Des Plaines

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District 62 Students in classThe strength of our local school system means your kids can get the kind of education they need to prepare them for their next move in life. And the availability of community college courses means that, no matter what your age, you’ll have the opportunity to take your knowledge to the next level.

Elementary School Districts

Elementary School District #62

  • Algonquin Middle School
  • Central School
  • Chippewa Middle School
  • Cumberland School
  • Forest School
  • Iroquois Community School
  • North School
  • Orchard Place School
  • Plainfield School
  • South School
  • Terrace School
  • Jane L. Westerhold Early Learning Center

Elementary District #59

  • Brentwood School
  • Devonshire School
  • Friendship Junior High

River Trails School District #26

  • Euclid School
  • Indian Grove School
  • River Trails Middle School

High School Districts

Maine Township High School District #207

  • Maine East High School
  • Maine West High School

Elk Grove Township High School District #214

  • Elk Grove High School

Community Colleges

Private Schools