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Water Main Repairs

Post Date:08/14/2023

Des Plaines has been facing a higher-than-average number of water main breaks this summer. There are a few reasons for this. The pipes and systems carrying water to homes and businesses are getting older and more prone to breaking. Also, unusually wet or dry conditions cause soil to shift, putting pressure on underground pipes.

Despite these challenges, the hardworking Public Works team is dedicated to fixing the issues as quickly as possible. They're working around the clock to restore regular water supply to everyone in the community.

Common signs of a water main break include pooling water, a sudden decrease in water pressure, discolored water coming from the tap or sinkholes or cracks in the road, sidewalk, or pavement. If you notice any of these signs, please contact our Public Works Department at 847-391-5464.

The City Council will be discussing the aging infrastructure, to find ways to improve the systems for reliable water service.

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